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21st Century Soft Skills: sens of service

This is the continuation of our series on the 10 essential soft skills for 2020, according to the World Economic Forum study.
We had the opportunity to present 7 of these soft skills to you previously:
Solving complex problems
Critical thinking
Team management
Team spirit and coordination
Judgement and decision-making
Emotional intelligence

8/10 – The sense of service.

This soft skill often refers to “customer service”, with a fairly simple equation: developing customer satisfaction and loyalty requires putting oneself at the heart of the customer’s needs and expectations. It is by sincerely connecting to his problems that he will want to listen to you. It is advisable to become a “customer centric”.

Jean Mathy, philosopher and member of emage-me’s scientific committee, gives us a more universal definition of this soft skill: “to put oneself at the service of others is to know how to listen to them but also to accept that they are free. The other is not only a being of identifiable objective needs, but also a being of undefined subjective desires to be explored. »