Appraisals & talent development

Make your employees grow, by deploying a culture of feedback

Boost the potential of your employees

What if you offered your employees the opportunity to capture signs of recognition and qualify their talents by measuring the satisfaction of their internal and external contacts?

Thanks to a repository specific to each of their jobs and co-constructed together.

emage-me gives your employees the opportunity to evaluate themselves and to collect the perception of their contacts on their strengths and areas for progress, in order to grow.

It also allows you to measure the quality of your customer relations through the feedback from your employees.

An engaging journey at every stage

Pace the process and exchanges throughout the year

emage-me allows you to move from an evaluation process conducted at the end of the year, often laborious to prepare and difficult to live, to a dynamic exchange capitalizing on the whole year.

This by putting continuous feedback at the service of interviews whose preparation and execution are paced & simplified by an innovative digital app.

Facilitate the preparation of self-assessment by the employee

emage-me facilitates the self-assessment of strengths and areas for improvement, based on observable factual situations and behaviors, in line with the expectations of the position.

Before the interview, the app helps each employee qualify his or her perception, integrating both skills and soft skills


Pedagogical graphs give back a readable summary to the employee and his/her manager.

Enrich the evaluation with continuous 360° feedback

With emage-me, each employee collects 360° feedback throughout the year, both internally and externally, from their contacts.

All of these perceptions, calibrated to the grid of expectations specific to each position, enriches the employee's vision and that of his or her manager.

The app gives a clear synthetic vision of all the assets and development areas brought up, spontaneously or following solicitation, over the entire period.

Simplify preparation on the manager's side

Each manager can easily plan his interviews, follow the preparation made by each employee and benefit from notifications and reminders on the progress of the process.

emage-me provides an interview support, customized for each position, summarizing the employee's evaluations and their environment, compared to expectations.

You gain in productivity and traceability, thanks to a support that can be used in face-to-face and remote interviews, harmonizing practices and centralizing information..

Follow the evolution of your employees

You benefit from a vision of the evolution over time of the interviews for each employee.

Your employees find on their mobile app all their interviews, the strengths and development areas identified, and measure their evolution.

The conclusions of the interviews are more easily exploitable and followed up on a daily basis.

Recognize talent with open badges

Talents recognized in the interview process can result in the automated assignment of open badges for your employees.

This recognition lever allows you to value competencies, including non-academic competencies such as soft skills, in an internationally recognized format.

The resulting badges can be shared online, posted on networks or a LinkedIn profile. You make interviews a lever for talent recognition.

How emage-me help you with appraisals :

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