Customer feedback as a performance driver

Customer feedback as a performance driver

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How about developing your customer relations while at the same time helping your employees to grow?

Customer feedback allows you to build or consolidate your company’s reputation and reliability, but also to improve and adjust your offers. If properly managed, positive feedback can significantly boost the company. Negative feedback, on the other hand, can help improve the customer experience.

There are 4 main reasons to collect customer feedback:

  • identify their needs in order to adapt offers to their expectations
  • show customers that their opinion counts to build customer loyalty
  • help employees grow internally
  • discovering market trends to avoid missing out on future developments

Enhancing customer satisfaction and exploiting customer feedback has never been more necessary. On the other hand, according to the Temkin Group survey, only 24% of companies believe they are performing well in taking this feedback into account from a strategic and operational point of view. So how do you turn them into a source of growth and revenue?

Changing the customer satisfaction survey paradigm: communicating continuously with customers & putting the employee at the heart of the system

Still too few companies take the initiative to collect customer feedback, and too often they do so at the end of the relationship or contract. In fact, a majority of opinions are negative and unrepresentative. This is why it is important to collect all customer opinions on an ongoing basis.

The emage-me solution has been designed to put the employee at the heart of the customer feedback process (internal or external). He or she can select a specific customer portfolio and define a rhythm of feedback. Elaborated in collaboration with experts in behavioural and emotional analysis, emage-me provides a context-sensitive repository that promotes the constructive and pedagogical nature of feedback.
These feedbacks are returned confidentially to the employee, they can also be anonymous, in which case they are moderated with the help of an AI.

The emage-me user can respond to the client in a personalised manner. This is a good habit to adopt in order to build customer loyalty when we know that 14% of customers are likely to make a new purchase when they receive a response to their feedback ( study). The simple fact of getting in touch with consumers also facilitates the creation of stronger attachment to the brand. On the other hand, exchanging with unhappy customers and understanding their unsatisfaction enables 70% of them to repeat the experience, which is a significant strategic challenge.

Collecting feedback is therefore essential, but once the information has been collected, it must be exploited to help the company and its ecosystem grow. emage-me delivers a simple and detailed restitution of feedbacks to simplify the analysis of all the data as much as possible.

You wish to set up the gathering of feedback from your customers and at the same time make your employees grow? Contact us for a demo of emage-me.