Employer branding

Make your employees grow,

by deploying a feedback culture

Developp the employee & candidate experience !

You wish to develop your attractiveness!?

You are convinced that the interpersonal skills of your employees are the key to their integration and success!

emage-me offers your candidates the possibility to self-assess their interpersonal skills and to collect their ecosystem’s perception of their strengths and areas for improvement, so that you can better qualify their profile and secure your recruitments.

emage-me gives you the opportunity to better define your employer brand, your attractiveness and your recruitment process, thanks to your candidates’ feedback.

Assess your employer brand

Help to qualify soft skills

emage-me offers you a simple and fun approach to allow your teams to qualify their assets in terms of soft skills. Role plays and suggested behaviors help them identify their strengths and areas for development.

Educational graphics return a readable summary that the employee can share with you. Once this information is collected you can adjust your GPEC and your training plan. 

Follow the evolution of your employees​

Your employee can dig deeper by soliciting feedback on new topics, and share with those around them to gather perceptions and advice they didn't have the opportunity to receive.

He pilots his progress with indicators that synthesize his progress, and a detailed history of all the qualitative feedback received. He can share with you all this information that will help you in managing his evolution. 
Grow your collaborator and build team loyalty.  emage-me helps you anticipate your employees' development needs.

Promote the recognition of its environment

To enrich his perception of his soft skills, emage-me  allows your employee to solicit feedback from those around him. Thanks to an educational and benevolent support, those close to him share their perception of his assets and areas for development.

The collaborator has a comparative view of his perception and that of his environment, which highlights points of alignment and areas to be dug. 

How emage-me help you to deal with employer branding :

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