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General questions

Our emage-me solution allows an individual user to :

Better understand their motivations, their personality, their main assets and areas for development. This is done through fun and quick tests, as well as constructive and benevolent feedback from those around him.

And to put this better knowledge of oneself at the service of one’s objectives:

  • Prepare for a motivation interview for a higher education institution,
  • Apply for a new position,
  • Successfully integrate into a new team,
  • Develop your soft skills, your employability,
  • Develop your personal development & communicate better on a daily basis…

emage-me allows you to accompany your loved ones and help them grow, by sharing sincere, benevolent and constructive feedback, to help them better understand themselves and their development goals.

emage-me also provides solutions to companies and schools, allowing them to secure their recruitment and support the human development of their workforce

To create an emage-me account, we invite you to download the “emage-me” mobile app and follow the registration process.

To download the app, you can either:

  • Search for “emage-me” on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Click on the following link from a smartphone: https://emage-me.com/mobile
  • Or flash the following code from your smartphone:

To learn more about how emage-me works, we have made tutorial videos available on our youtube channel.

Our app is available on smartphone & tablet only!

This is not a requirement. You can optionally add an online video to your profile to enhance your application to graduate schools. But you also have other ways to enhance your application, such as asking for feedback from your friends and family to support your strengths.

Yes, you can use the “retake the test” button in your profile on emage-me.
Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong profile.


This is a code provided for a particular offer
You should not enter the code received by text message in the welcome code section. If no code was given to you, continue your registration on the app by leaving it blank.

You’ll have to go in the menu on the top right of the app and select “offers”. There, you’ll find every ohter ongoing offers  !

School track


The emage-me app allows you to decide whether or not the feedback you receive from your friends and family is shared with the schools you apply to.

To do this:

  • Make sure your emage-me mobile app is up to date.
  • Access the “Feedback” menu: You can see which feedback is currently shared confidentially with the schools you are applying to and which feedback remains private.
    By accessing the details of each return (“View” button), you can decide if the return is shared or private.

Yes, we do
All information related to your personality and personal details are confidential and not shared until you have officially applied for the school and paid the registration fee.

You can always modify your answers to the values and motivations questions until the interview. They are there to help you prepare for the interview.

To do so, from the emage-me home screen, click again on the “Better understand your values and motivations” box. You will then be able to consult and update your previous answers.

The validated data will then be sent confidentially to the schools you have applied to. You will be able to modify them later before the interview, they will be transmitted again.

Yes, that’s right! You can retake the different tests proposed by the application if you wish, keeping in mind that there is no good or bad personality profile.

You can retake the tests without limit, before or after your official registration with the schools. Once you have officially registered for the schools, only the latest test is shared with the schools you are applying to.

Your information is your property and is not shared with the school.

When you formally apply to graduate schools, and pay for your competitive entry, you agree that your profile information will be shared with the schools for which you are applying.

Go to your school course, the emage-me registration code is below the school name & above the checklist!

This module is available after payment of the registration fee. The school validates your rights, if you have paid and you do not have instant access, it is normal that there is a small delay before this section appears!

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This application is 100% free, with no limitations or advertising.