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Feedback for growth

In recent years, the employer brand has become a strategic priority for companies. The symmetry of attention drives them not only to improve or maintain customer satisfaction but also to attract and secure the loyalty of in-house talent. More and more consumers are nowadays interested in the CSR policy of companies providing products or services. They are looking for a match between their values and those of the company. This is also the case for candidates who are applying and who now pay particular attention to their future working environment.

It is therefore in the interest of companies to take into account the opinions of their customers but also of their candidates and employees in order to ensure their growth. Feedback is a very powerful tool to help them achieve this goal.

What is the right timing?

In most companies, feedback is collected in 2 main ways:

  • the annual interview
  • the annual barometer, for those who use this tool

Collecting this information once a year does not allow for long-term progress. The opportunity is too rare to allow employees to express themselves honestly and constructively. A study by SAGE Journals shows that high-performing teams share about six times more feedback than the average.

Feedback plays a crucial role in every stage of the employee’s life cycle:

  • Recruitment: understanding the perception of your employer brand
  • Integration: successfully onboarding a new employee
  • Loyalty: avoiding turnover
  • Development: helping employees grow by taking their needs into account
  • The exit: understanding departures to minimize them

How to create a feedback culture in HR?

Opening Pandora’s box is not always easy. Setting up the feedback dynamic is getting out of your comfort zone, but it is better to discover and understand the problem than to ignore it and let it set in. Feedback does not create the problem, it reveals it. Conversely, it is important to know the strengths of employees in order to amplify and propagate them.

The emage-me solution supports companies in the implementation of this tool by guaranteeing the respect of the rules of an efficient feedback which must be :

  • regular: capture at a regular frequency adapted to the rhythm of the company
  • constructive: use of a methodology that helps in the formulation of the feedback
    benevolent: advice and tips are given to the employee to help him adapt his Image Feedback to his interlocutor.
  • multiple: feedback is no longer a one-way process (manager to employee), it is open to the entire ecosystem of the employee (colleagues, manager, customers, suppliers, partners …).

You wish to set up a dynamic of benevolent feedback in your company to boost its growth but you don’t know where to start? Do not hesitate to contact us.