How far will you go thanks to a caring return?

Imagine an app that collects all the feedback that your pro & personal entourage would like to give you to help you develop. And which makes them the keys to achieving your goals.

candidate, employee & client experience

Companies: At each stage of the candidate, employee and client career path, put the benevolent feedback at the service of getting to know each other better, in order to achieve your objectives.

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Your development challenges

Imagine what you could achieve with a better knowledge of your talents,
a keen perception of what others appreciate in you,
a good vision of your areas of progress & advice on how to develop them…

This is Emage-me’s commitment to help you meet your personal and professional challenges:

Benevolent feedback

emage-me offers the opportunity to share feedbacks with your entourage in order to learn more about your strengths and areas for progress.

These feedbacks are :

emage-me provides a channel of communication and pedagogy to share its perception in a sincere, constructive and caring way.

For more sincerity and depth, all exchanges are strictly private. They are visible only to the sender and the recipient of the message. 

Because it is difficult to share feedback, emage-me facilitates the formulation and interpretation of feedbacks thanks to a cognitive repository and an AI. 

To remove communication barriers (hierarchical relationship, shyness, power games, etc.), it is possible to send messages anonymously. Moderation guarantees that the messages will be received in a friendly manner.

Feedbacks shared

Discover your assets

To help you get to know yourself better, emage-me has developed a referential that compares your perception with that of your entourage for a 360° view:

  • Elaborated around several dimensions: Soft-Skills, Personality, Values, Motivations, Sectorial skills…
  • In partnership with a college of experts: psychologists, neurologists, philosophers, coaches and HR managers
  • Equipped with an AI solution: It facilitates the interpretation and exploitation of feedback, thanks to clear visuals and appropriate development solutions.

Download emage-me for free

Download the emage-me mobile app now, available for free on Google and Apple stores, by flashing the QRcode or clicking on the store buttons from your smartphone.

This app is 100% free, without limitation or advertising.

The protection of your data is our priority. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

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emage-me community

Communauté emage-me

emage-me offers an educational communication channel for the continuous exchange of friendly feedback with all your contacts in your personal and professional spheres.

These feedbacks are at the service of better self-knowledge, better communication on a daily basis, and provide you with tools to grow and make those around you grow.

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