How to assess soft skills?

  • Post published:31 July 2020
  • Post category:Blog EN

According to the Leadership IQ study, 1 out of 2 recruitments for permanent contracts fail within the first 18 months. In the majority of cases, these errors are related to attitude or posture problems and therefore to soft skills.

We talk more and more about the growing importance of the evaluation of soft skills, but how do we assess them? 

The benefits of soft skills

These socio-emotional skills help to strengthen employee commitment, promote teamwork, optimize conflict management and boost employee productivity.

Recruiters should therefore take a particular interest in soft skills in order to ensure the smooth running of the company. 

Is it reliable to measure soft skills by feeling? 

The candidate’s reactions during the job interview are interpreted by the recruiter, who bases his final choice on his subjectivity.

There are limits to this method of recruitment. The recruiter may have a vision of the candidate’s projected personality but cannot say with certainty that the candidate really has the qualities to hold the position in the long term. 

What is the solution?

In order to give him the best possible chance, it is essential to combine other soft skills assessment methods. emage-me has set up an objective method for assessing soft skills that minimizes the risk of recruitment errors. An innovative approach is at the center of the solution, which collects the feedback from the candidate’s entourage in addition to his or her self-assessment. The future employee can share with the recruiter the perception of his eco-system on his personality and soft skills. The future employer can thus put this feedback into perspective with the candidate’s answers in order to guarantee the adequacy between the expectations of the position and the candidate’s personality. 

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