The art of feedback

When feedback from those who know you enriches your vision of your talents & areas for improvement.

One solution, some innovations

Because it is difficult to share feedback, emage-me tools this process with a cognitive repository and an AI, which facilitates the formulation and interpretation of feedback.

How to success in giving feedback ?

A help to formulate feedbacks

Thanks to explanations and sliders, making a feedback becomes a child's play!

The application gives you some tips to make your feedbacks with the keyword DARE. Soak up the feedback, start your adventure with us!

A precize repository

With emage-me, you will be able to work on your employees' soft skills thanks to a repertoire of skills developed by a scientific committee.  

You will find the soft skills as well as the associated behaviors to have a richness in the evolution and development of skills!

Image feedback ©

emage-me has registered its unique and innovative concept. An Image feedback © offers you the possibility to collect information from your colleagues, friends, relatives etc... and helps you in the development of your skills by giving you a benevolent look at yourself.

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