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How to succeed in remote recruitment?

The health crisis is having a strong impact on the economic dynamic, but fortunately many companies are still recruiting. Like home working, distance interviews were initially perceived negatively, but today they even seem to be appreciated by recruiters and candidates. So how do you succeed in hiring in this imposed context of distancing?

Candidates are ready for distance recruitment 

Candidates are ready for distance recruitment
According to the CCLD study, 87% of respondents are inclined to be hired through video interviewing. Those who have already experimented with this method say that it completely meets their expectations:

  • understanding the job’s missions
  • understanding the company’s strategy
  • be aware of the expectations of the management

8 out of 10 respondents appreciate the ” convenience “, the ” reactivity “, the ” time saving ” and the ” active listening ” of these distant exchanges. A modality that therefore changes nothing in terms of substance.

The limits 

Despite some of the advantages of distance interviews, it is not always easy to identify the candidate’s potential and more specifically his or her soft skills . This is why it is important to use qualification support systems to secure recruitment. As a reminder, 1/3 of open-ended contracts in France do not last beyond the first year, even though this statistic was drawn up on recruitments carried out mainly in person.

How can remote recruitment be carried out successfully ?

Many video-conference solutions are available today to help companies in their remote recruitment process, so this is not the issue. On the other hand, they do not offer candidate assessment and decision support tools.

The emage-me solution guides you through the main stages of recruitment, particularly remote recruitment, and helps you to secure your recruitment by providing a detailed qualification of your candidates’ interpersonal skills:

  • creating and publishing your job offers. emage-me offers you a wide distribution of your job offer to its community. Develop and integrate your soft skills expectations directly in your ad to allow the candidate to better understand the needs of the position. You have access to a reference database of more than 100 soft skills, detailed by profession.
  • offer your candidates a rich and innovative experience, which also contributes to the development of your employer brand. An entertaining and educational approach is offered to candidates in order to qualify their soft skills, values and motivations and discover their personality. They can also receive feedback from their family and friends to complete a 360° vision of their assets. Have access to a graphical summary to help you assess the adequacy of the results with the expectations of the position.
  • prepare, facilitate and optimise interviews. Who hasn’t noticed a heterogeneity of evaluation methods and a loss of information during job interviews? emage-me provides a digital evaluation grid to harmonise evaluation practices and ensure the tracking of the information collected. You have access to all the decision-support indicators in your online workspace to help you make the right choice.
  • get a better understanding of your employer brand. You can ask the candidate to give you a Feedback on your recruitment process, the objections or the reasons for success. Use their feedback to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. You have also access to a consolidated view of all the feedback received.

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