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Integrate work-study programs into your recruitment strategy

According to a survey conducted by the Viavoice Institute, 8 out of 10 employees think that developing work-study programs is an opportunity for the company.

This opportunity is all the more accessible after the French government’s announcement of the plan to support youth employment on 4 June. Exceptional aid will thus be paid to companies recruiting apprentices between 1 July 2020 and 28 February 2021. The State will allocate a bonus of 5,000 euros for the recruitment of work-study students under 18 years or 8,000 euros for adult apprentices.

A work-study student of 20 years or less will therefore have no cost for the company. Between 21 and 25, the student will cost only 175 euros per month.

Let’s underline this great initiative which gives students the opportunity to facilitate their integration into the professional world.

Work-linked training, a pre-hiring channel

Developing work-study programs in your company can be a good recruitment strategy. Indeed, this channel represents a new source of candidates, in particular to compensate for the progressive decline in the number of applications observed in certain sectors of activity such as banking, for example.

Choosing a work-study contract is also a way of securing employment. The company can use this type of contract as a longer “trial period” than in traditional contracts, giving it time to evaluate the new employee and decide whether or not hire him or her permanently afterwards.

Finding the right student-worker profile

Recruiting a work-study student requires as much rigour as traditional recruitment. In particular, the soft skills of the future work-study student must be properly assessed. Their motivation, adaptability, curiosity and social skills are essential for the successful outcome of this type of contract.

The emage-me solution includes a support component for companies in the recruitment phase of their future employees, whether under a standard or a work-study contract. An in-depth analysis of the matching between the expectations of the position and the student’s profile reveals the potential for compatibility between the student and the company. Contact us to find out more.