Integration & onboarding

Make your employees grow, by deploying a culture of feedback

Support the integration

Do you want to secure the integration of your employees?

Are you convinced that your employees’ interpersonal skills are the key to their integration and success?

emage-me offers your employees the opportunity to evaluate themselves and to collect the perception of their peers on their strengths and areas for progress, in order to grow.

It also allows you to measure the quality of your integration process through the feedback you receive from your employees

Evolution of the employee

Align promise and reality

Track the gaps in promise and reality perception with regular feedback over the first 100 days. Address risks and pain points.

Promote the recognition of its environment

Deploy a culture of feedback internally to build engagement and continuous improvement. Give feedback to your employees to generate engagement and maintain motivation 

Receive shared feedback

The employee gives you feedback from his or her ecosystem: colleagues, customers, suppliers. You can capitalize on their strengths and identify their areas of progress.

Follow the evolution of the needs

Anticipate your employees' requests. After identifying areas of progress adjust your training plans to meet the evolutionary needs of your teams.

How emage-me help you to deal with integration & onborading :

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