Open badges

Qualify soft skills & make them visible with open badges

Develop your skills & make them visible

It’s not only about training and knowing your skills, it’s about making the most of them.

With emage-me, you will be able to asks for feedback from your friends and family and thus, according to certain criteria, you will be able to share your Open badge, a digital certificate of skills.

On LinkedIn, it will be easy for you to enhance your profile & make your soft skills visible, the keys of tomorrow!

Why use Open badges?

A digital medium

emage-me offers you a tool of choice to develop your skills. Open Badges are digital media based on an open international standard. They are used to recognize a person's skills - especially informal skills.

Specific criteria

Open badges can be obtained simply by getting 3 feedbacks from 3 different interlocutors with an evaluation higher or equal to 4/5.

You can ask your internal and external ecosystem to give you feedback to get your Open badges! 

Highlighting your CV

To enrich your résumé, emage-me allows you to post your Open badges on social networks and especially on LinkedIn.

These badges will allow you to promote your new skills and attract recruiters. 

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