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Post Covid Recruitment: soft skills increasingly requested

Since the end of lockdown, life and work are gradually returning to normal. Recruitment is restarting within the companies. How has covid-19 changed recruitment methods and what trends have emerged?

Digitalization in the heart of the process

Videoconferencing applications have seen an exploding use since the beginning of lockdown and companies have completely integrated video into their recruitment process. These virtual exchanges have allowed recruiters to keep in touch with candidates and show them that the company knows how to adapt to new technologies. This is fully integrated into the development of the employer brand and helps to convey an attractive image.
During the lockdown, another type of interview has developed a lot: the deferred video interview. The candidate records a short video that takes no more than 10-15 min to complete (from a smartphone or PC) and the recruiter watches these short videos (2 to 3 minutes) that detail the candidate’s motivations, personality and skills that cannot be seen in the resume. Experience is important, but is no longer enough: soft skills have become essential in the recruitment process.

Post Covid recruitment : focus on soft skills

In this context of health crisis, human and soft skills have never been so much in demand by companies. According to a survey by RegionsJob, interpersonal skills rank first among the criteria deemed “very important” by recruiters, ahead of experience (78%) and far ahead of diplomas (9%). Personality (80%) is now the number one factor enabling recruiters to choose between two candidates with similar profiles, ahead of motivation (66%) and dynamism (48%). Empathy, the ability to integrate into the team, analytical skills and flexibility are now on the podium of essential skills for companies.

How to secure recruitment based on soft skills?

Soft skills are today a major asset for employability. The problem is that they are more difficult to evaluate than hard skills, since recruiters often rely purely on their feelings to validate them. This is why emage-me has developed a solution that helps recruiters to evaluate candidates’ soft skills. The unique concept of Image Feedback allows to collect feedback from the candidate’s entourage on their soft skills, to confront them with their self-declarative vision and to put them in perspective with the expectations of the position.

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