Recruitment & admission of students

Qualify your candidates' soft skills by offering a differentiated feedback experience

Develop the candidate experience

emage-me provides you with a web solution and an Image Feedback App ®, backed by a qualification framework for soft skills, developed around 4 dimensions: values, motivations, soft skills, personality.

This solution is aimed at : 

  • Candidates, to help them prepare for the selection phases, through an innovative approach of self-assessment & 360° solicitation of their environment,
  • Recruitment teams to detect the potential of candidates, evaluate their interpersonal skills, enhance their personality traits, identify their values and motivations

Help your students develop their skills

Help to qualify soft skills

emage-me offers a simple and fun approach to help your candidates identify their strengths in terms of interpersonal skills. Role plays and behaviors help them identify their strengths and areas for development.

Pedagogical graphs provide a readable summary that the candidate can share with you.

Follow-up of the interviews

You will be able to prepare the interviews in advance thanks to the different profiles of the candidates on the platform and assign an evaluator. You can easily conduct face-to-face or remote interviews.

Your assessor will be able to use the indicators to deepen the interview and provide comments to help in the decision making process. 

Developp your school brand

Thanks to emage-me,  you will be able to receive feedback on the candidate experience & thus increase your attractiveness.

You improve your recruitment while developing your employer brand!  

How emage-me helps you to deal with recruitment issues :

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