The cognitive repository

A scientific and educational base to help detect and develop everyone's talents

Our repository

Based on more than 100 soft skills

The repository is equipped and worked on.

All the soft skills have sub-themes and associated behaviors.

Thus the reference system, backed up by a precise and well-developed mind-mapping, offers the possibility of precise evaluation of the soft skills.

Elaborated by our scientific committee

Our committee is composed of laboratories, psychologists, philosophers, researchers, etc. 

All of which feed and build the reference system. We are committed to offering you a complete and rigorous experience.

After months of work, our committee has put together a complete and continuously improving reference system. 

A complete repository

Based on:

  • soft skills questions,
  • values,
  • motivations,
  • personality. 

Backed by AI for interpretation and deployed via a dual approach of self-evaluation and 360° feedback.


Can be tailored to your needs

Depending on what you are looking for, we can work with you on the repository, so that it meets your expectations.

Whether you are a school or a company, we can adapt the soft skills to your needs and thus create adequate courses.

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