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More than an HR solution - More than an application.
A unique digital community,
animated by an innovative concept "the Feedback of Image"
serving the quest for talent and skills development


The Image Feedback

We rarely have the opportunity to know what the other person thinks of us … in a caring, sincere and constructive way. And tell him what we think of him.How to progress and achieve its objectives without apprehending the perception of its environment on its assets and axes of progress?How to grow and grow?

emage-me is built around the concept of “Image Feedback”.

The goal of emage-me is not to seek the truth in the eyes of the other … who also holds the truth?But it is to collect a perception, a feeling, a council or a message … that a person of our entourage did not have the opportunity to share us.

emage-me allows us to create the opportunity for a benevolent, sincere and constructive exchange, in favor of a better knowledge of oneself.

The 3 pillars of Image Feedback

Create the opportunity to communicate sincerely

Cross the eyes and
Lift the communication brakes

Facilitate benevolent & confidential exchanges


The digital community

emage.me is composed of a web solution in SaaS mode, intended for companies, and a mobile application for individuals.

 emage.me animates a digital community, articulated around private, confidential, and if anonymous exchanges.

These exchanges are structured around an HR repository, assisted by an artificial intelligence. They facilitate the formulation of Image Feedback, and guarantee their benevolent and constructive character.


The mobile application

Download the free emage-me mobile app to the Google and Apple stores, and learn how emage-me lets you:

  • To get to know you better, by enhancing your personality and well-being traits,


  • To perfect this knowledge, by confronting it with the Benevolent Image Returns of your loved ones …


  • To enrich you and the perception of your environment on your qualities and areas of progress.


  • Accompany you in specific contexts, such as preparation for school competitions or recruitment interviews.

The benevolent communication

emage-me creates the opportunity and the framework of confidential and benevolent exchanges,
supported by a repository of human resources, and an engine of Artificial Intelligence.
Echanges privés

In emage-me, all exchanges are from person to person, no information is displayed publicly, to privilege the authenticity of the content.

Possible anonymity

To lift brakes to a sincere communication, emage-me allows to send an anonymous message. It will be moderate to ensure benevolence.


All information is strictly confidential, all data is encrypted.
The user chooses which information to share with his interlocutor.

HR & IA Reference

We have developed an HR repository (indicators of personalities, values, motivations and soft skills) assisted by
an engine of Artificial Intelligence.


The stakes: the quest &
talent development

emage-me is a unique digital community, driven by an innovative concept,
to answer the following issues:

Compagny & Candidates

More than an HR solution, emage-me is
a unique digital community, driven by an innovative concept,
serving the challenges of recruitment and development of the employer brand

Qualification and alignment of candidate and manager skills


Candidate Image Feedback and Reference Control Digitization


Assistance with maintenance


Objection Processing Decision Making


Integration process


Effectiveness of the recruitment process


Employer brand development

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Schools & Candidates / Students

Our value proposition

Qualification of skills and motivations candidates


Preparation for contests / oral


School accompaniment and candidate during oral


Student Skills Development


Adaptation of educational pathways


Development of the school brand


They're talking about us

“An innovative process to reveal the personality of the candidates “

” an application that will allow schools to ” better identify their “life skills” dimension “


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